The weeds are already at the surface and there is some algae that can be seen caught in the those weeds.

We will treat the perimeter of the lake first since last year we started with the center of the lake and worked our way out.

Clarke is the company we are using to provide weed data and treatments this summer.

A lake group has been started where those who have an interest in the care of the lake can meet with the Lake Commissioner and help develop a lake management plan. The next meeting is TBA and if interested in joining the email list for lake updates and information please contact Anne McMorris, Lake Commissioner at

We are noticing an increase in weed coverage which seems to correlate to an increase in nutrients in the lake. Please remember if you live on the lake to check that your septic is running properly. And as a homeowner in the neighborhood please do not use fertilizer as it makes it way into the lake after every rain.

Clarke has ordered the chemicals for the first treatment which will be half the lake or 12 acres. As soon as they schedule the day I will post it on the website.

Many other lakes in the area are also seeing algae blooms already. They are attributing this to the water being open since February and sunlight having access to the lake bottom.