This year we have switched lake management companies. The new company, Clarke Aquatics, surveyed the lake in the Spring and provided us with a depth map along with a detailed map of the type of weeds present and where in the lake they are located. Through the data provided, Clarke worked with us in determining a plan for the current season. In May we treated for curly leaf pondweed and were successful in removing it from the lake. We have also been treating the swimming area.
The weeds currently present are coontail and southern naiad. The coontail can be seen at the surface and has also trapped the algae that is present. The sun has killed the weeds at the top and is turning them brown. I asked a representative from Clarke to come out and take a look to see what our options would be. We could treat some of the coontail to reduce its percentage of coverage in the lake. It is late in the season and the air temperature is still hot. By treating now we would increase the amount of unsightly algae in the lake and could decrease lake oxygen levels. Also we do not have additional funds in the lake budget for another treatment this year.
In the spring of 2017 we will treat for the coontail and southern naiad. We will need to decide which areas to target and come up with a treatment plan. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at