Update 7/5/2021: The swim area is clear of algae and the caution sign has been taken down.

There is green algae in the swim area and a sign has been posted at the beach urging residents to use caution around the algae. Here are some tips for when green algae appears in the lake: Do not walk through or play in the green algae. If contact occurs washing the area(s) is enough to remove it. Keep pets from swimming or drinking the algae water. May cause diarrhea in pets if ingested. Contact your local vet for more information. The water is safe to swim in past the algae which is located just along the shoreline. Wind will move the algae to other parts of the lake. It is always a good idea to shower after swimming in any lake.
For more information visit https://www.lakecountyil.gov/2422/Planktonic-Algae