Join us for a virtual community board meeting on Thursday April 8, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

Above is the link for the updated Google Meeting

Meeting Agenda:

  • Voting on the 2021 Budget
  • Accepting nominations and electing President, Secretary, and Rental Commissioner
  • Updating bylaws
  • Asking for suggestions the community would like to see implemented

Below are the duties of the positions open for election. These can also be found at echo-lake-community-by-laws-2013-04-15.pd

President – The President shall preside at all Board of Directors and Community Meetings. The President may call Special Meetings of the Board. In addition, the President shall:

  1. Coordinate projects of all Board Members
  2. Develop Board policies and procedures
  3. Address legal issues
  4. Organize Community Meetings

Appoint all Chairpersons of permanent and temporary committees.

Secretary - The Secretary shall keep the records of the corporation and books of account. The Secretary shall have custody of the seal of the Corporation. The Secretary shall also perform the following duties:

  1. Take minutes at all meetings
  2. Type communications
  3. Prepare and maintain project folders
  4. Collect mail from the Corporation’s P.O. Box

Maintain records of all community property, equipment, legal documents and other assets in a secure location.

Rental Commissioner - Act as rental liaison with the rental community members who rent the Community Center. A rental interaction fee of $25.00 per rental shall be paid to said Rental Commissioner for overseeing the cleanliness and neatness of the Community Center and completion of the Rental Checklist following each use and execution of the rental agreement.