This summer we have discovered a heron with a broken wing living along Echo Lake. Thank you to everyone who reached out and let us know he was hurt.

Four local wildlife rehabilitation organizations were called with no luck. Most are not equipped to care for a large bird. They all recommended Flint Creek. We have contacted them and they are unable to come out and catch him because he goes from yard to yard and they cannot trespass.

We asked them if they would take him if volunteers from Echo Lake caught him and they said yes. They also warned us to wear protective eye wear and to watch out for his beak.

Animal control was also called and they did come out and try to catch him. He immediately jumped into the lake and crossed 3 yards making him impossible for the animal control officer to catch.

He is eating and looks good so far.

If interested in volunteering to help catch him and take him to Flint Creek please let us know.