The Echo Lake Community Board has two open positions. The current acting President is open to either remaining President or returning to The Vice President position. Below are a description of the duties for each position. Please consider volunteering your time to help keep Echo Lake a community we are all proud to call home. To be eligible for a board position you must be a Echo Lake Property owner and in good standing. Please refer to the bylaws for more information.
Elections will be held at the Fall Community meeting, date TBA.


The President shall preside at all Board of Directors and Community Meetings. The President may call Special Meetings of the Board. In addition, the President shall:

  1. Coordinate projects of all Board Members
  2. Develop Board policies and procedures
  3. Address legal issues
  1. Organize Community Meetings
  2. Appoint all Chairpersons of permanent and temporary committees.

Vice President – Duties

The Vice President shall, in case of the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties of the President. In addition, the Vice President shall serve as:

  1. Liaison with all Committees
  2. Chairman of Block Captains
  3. Chairman of Welcoming Committee
  4. Chairman of Special Projects

Park Commissioner – Duties

  1.  Maintain park, driveway and parking area
  2. Maintain playground equipment
  3. Maintain and improve subdivision entrances